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Total Body Mobility in a Time Crunch

All of us encounter times where we are unable to move as much as we like – maybe from being busy at work, life situations needing our attention, or a pandemic quarantine! When we find ourselves sitting more and moving a lot less, on top of increased stress levels, our bodies may start to feel stiff or locked down. Having a quick mobility session ready for you to “roll through” can make all the difference in how you weather those challenging times.

Click here for a quick mobility session! The video covers the following movements:

  1. Ankle pumps and circles

  2. Figure four switches

  3. Figure four switch to Ankle sit

  4. Anterior chain and Quad stretch

  5. Seated neck extension with jaw opening

  6. Neck and Thorax mobility

  7. Shoulder rotations

  8. Shoulder Mobility reach

  9. Prone Spine Extension

  10. Rib Grab

  11. Brettzel

  12. Prone Spine Extension

  13. Prone Ankle circles

  14. Active Leg Lower

  15. Knee to chest stretch

  16. Opposite Knee to Elbow + one hard roll each direction

  17. Deep squat

While this looks like a huge list you will note that the video is under 5 minutes in length, so this is an efficient mobility session.

Key Points:

  1. Do not move into pain.

  2. Only move into the positions that you can move into.

  3. Do not force positions.

  4. Be patient and build range of motion over time.

  5. When in doubt skip the exercise or position.

This quick mobility session gets “everything” moving with extra attention to the ankle, hips and thorax. Please take your time experimenting with this mobility routine and keep the key points above in mind.

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