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Top 10 Benefits of Personal Training

People use personal training as part of their health and fitness regimes for a whole host of reasons and you don’t have to be a fitness freak to do it.

Personal training is a great way to kick start a new and health way of life. Personal trainers can help you to set goals and stay focused. Personal trainers can also help you lose weight or tone up. On top of this, qualified personal trainers can even help with injury rehabilitation or help sports athletes take their training to the next level.

Need more convincing about the benefits of hiring a personal trainer? Look no further! Here are the top ten major benefits…

1. Get results

If you have been working out and dieting, but you have not seen results, a personal trainer might be able to help move things along. They can assess your program; push you a little harder, hold you accountable and show you how tweaking what you are doing might help you start to see the results you are after.

2. Where to start

If you have not really exercised before, or perhaps you have fallen out of the exercise routine, then you might be sitting there feeling like your fitness or weight loss goal is like climbing a huge mountain. A personal trainer will help you to find that starting point and set a realistic, but challenging program for you to follow. They will help you to overcome some of the barriers that are holding you back – whether they are mental or physical.

3. Bored of your normal routine?

It is really easy to get into the routine of doing the same classes or exercises or training sessions over and over again. As a result, many people don’t train as hard as they should as they are so used to doing the same thing and it can get really boring. Personal training will help you to change things up and learn some new routines, exercises and training programs that will help to improve your results and feel excited about exercising again.

4. Create a personalized program

Everyone is different, everyone’s bodies are different, and everyone responds differently to different exercises and activities, and everyone has different goals. A personalized plan means that the exercise you are doing is focused on you and your body and your own goals. These goals can be tweaked and changed and refined dependent upon your progress.

5. Motivation

It can be really hard to motivate yourself if you are working out on your own. Having someone there to be accountable to means you are far more likely to keep going, even when you don’t feel like it. It is also really difficult if you feel like your end goal is a long way away. It can sometimes feel unachievable. Having a personal trainer will help to keep you motivated to keep going and keep you focused on your goals. They will help you to set small goals along the way, so the big goal feels more achievable for you.

6. Efficiency

So many people go to the gym and spend 10 minutes walking around and chatting to friends in between exercises. Having a personal trainer means that your hour is focused and efficient. Your trainer will help you to optimize every minute and get the most out of your time with them. That’s what you are paying them for. A personal trainer will also ensure that your training programs are tweaked as your fitness improves. If you are doing the same old routine when you body is capable of more, you won’t improve and get the results you require.

7. More likely to exercise

A personal training session is usually an hour. If you are training on your own, it is really easy to miss a session because you worked late or got up late, or perhaps you just didn’t feel like it. With personal training, they will fit into your schedule – whether it is before work, during lunch or after work. And you haven’t got any choice but to show up as you have paid for their time.

8. Doing the right thing

It is really easy to get injured or not get the results you want if you are using machinery incorrectly or you are doing the exercises wrong. A personal trainer will teach you how to do the exercises right to get the best results and to make sure you don’t injure yourself.

9. Changing your habits

It takes three weeks to form a good habit, but people will often fall out of a health and fitness regime a lot quicker than that. Having a personal trainer is a way to help you start to form good habits. They can help you fight that voice in your head that is telling you all the reasons you can’t do something. It is their job to help you achieve your goals and the only way you are going to do that is by changing your habits. Pay for a number of sessions up front, so you are committed to sessions every week for a number of weeks. This will help you to start to feel good about exercising, put you into a good routine of good habits that if you can keep them going long enough, will start to become the norm.

10. Something for everyone

Personal training can help people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Losing weight is the obvious reason many people turn to a personal trainer. But there are other reasons. Some people might need help recovering from an injury or accident and a personal trainer can develop a training plan that will support their recovery and challenge them. Some people might need help recovery from a health condition like a heart attack or stroke and a personal trainer can develop a fitness program that will help improve their health and fitness. Others might need a health and fitness regime to help with their mental health. Some athletes use personal training to help protect them from injury, build strength and to diversify their training regimes.


As a beginner to the world of fitness, the benefits of hiring a trainer are many. A trainer will teach you the crucial basics so you don’t injure yourself, and they will bring you up to speed on the latest training protocols.

However, if you’re no stranger to the fitness realm, a specialized personal trainer can still help you in many ways. For example, you can hire an exercise correction specialist to help you rehab an injury, or hire a sports specialist to help you improve some aspect of your game.

Either way, and regardless of whether or not you’re a beginner or seasoned fitness vet, hiring a personal trainer is going to benefit you in many ways.

Have you worked with a personal trainer? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below…

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